Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Each one of us is called by God to know, love, and serve Him.  How we live out this call out depends on the gifts and talents given to us by God.  It can sometimes be very difficult to understand what these gifts and talents are and how to best use them.  St. Bernard's provides individuals with a free spiritual gifts inventory to guide them in their discernment process.


The Spiritual Gifts Inventory (Online Version)

The Spritual Gifts Inventory  (Print Version)


Vocations Prayer


Loving God, to be your prophet is my

desire, but too often I am more
concerned about the bottom line. I
want to bring your message to the
world as so many before me have done.
My heart leads me to you, but I'm not
always sure how to respond.

Let me know what it is you are calling
me to do and the life you are asking
me to live.

Give me the strength to share with
others who are in need of the blessings
with which you have enriched my life.

Thank you, God, for hearing my prayer.



(Credit: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)