Graduate Study - FAQ

Whom do I speak to about applying to a graduate degree program?
Please contact the Director of Recruitment & Financial Aid at (585) 271-3657 ext. 289 or


What degree or educational prerequisites are needed to apply to St. Bernard’s graduate programs?
All applicants to St. Bernard’s graduate programs must hold a four-year baccalaureate degree, or the U.S. equivalent, granted by an accredited college or university. Exception would be students pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Studies.


Are there any application deadlines for the graduate program?
Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, which means students can be admitted in any of the 3 academic semesters. There are 3 semesters, each approximately 15 weeks in length: fall (AugustDec); spring (Jan–May) and summer (MayJuly).


What is the application fee and how can I make my payment?
The application fee is $75. You can pay the fee by check, bank draft, money order or traveler's check. Make your document payable to St. Bernard’s School of Theology and Ministry. For more information, please visit Finances/ Student Billing Account - FAQ


Are notorized photocopies of academic documents accepted?
No. Academic documents (photocopies or originals) must be attested (bearing an original colored stamp and/or signature) by the granting college or university. Unfortunately, we cannot accept notarized documents.


How are admission decisions made?
Decisions regarding graduate admission are made by the Academic Dean. All applicants will be notified of the admission decision as soon as possible. All credentials are considered in the application decision--including transcripts, personal statement and letters of recommendation. Work experience is NOT required.


When can I expect an admission decision and how will I be notified?
The Director of Recruitment & Financial Aid will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your application.


Is St. Bernard’s affordable?
We work with all qualified student's to help them identify ways to finance their education at St. Bernard's. We offer a variety of financial assistance to our students, including private scholarships and tuition assistance. Over 80% of our student body receives some form of financial aid. Click here for more information on Scholarships & Financial Aid. 


Is there a separate application form or procedure for applying for scholarships or assistantships?
Yes, to learn more, please visit Scholarships & Financial Aid.


When can I start classes at St. Bernard’s?
First time students may enroll in classes at the beginning of any of the 3 semesters. Click here to see current academic calendar.


Can I take classes at St. Bernard’s without being officially admitted to a degree program?
Yes, a student who has demonstrated the ability to undertake graduate level work may enroll as an Unclassified Student and is allowed to complete no more than four courses before declaring for a specific degree program in a Master of Arts program.


How do I register for a class as a non-matriculated student?

It’s very easy to register for a class as a non-matriculated student. For more information about choosing which course to take please contact our Director of Recruitment & Financial Aid, (585) 271-3657 ext. 289, or email  To register online, please click here.


Do you accept transfer credit?
Yes, depending on the degree program, between 7 and 12 courses may be accepted for transfer credit, pending approval. Please contact the Academic Dean with specific questions.


More questions?
Please don’t hesitate to call us (585) 271-3657 ext. 289, or email us at We’ll be very glad to assist you!