The Sheaf Newsletter

Published quarterly, the Sheaf Express is one way we keep in touch with friends of St. Bernard’s. For more information or to be added to our mail list, please contact Dr. Patricia Schoelles at

Below is a list of The Sheaf Express newsletters starting with the most recent:

Fall Sheaf/Annual Report 2014 [PDF]


Spring Sheaf 2014 [PDF]


Summer Sheaf 2013 [PDF]


Winter Sheaf / Annual Report 2012 [PDF]

Winter Sheaf / Annual Report 2011 [PDF]

Summer Sheaf 2011 [PDF]

Fall Sheaf / Annual Report 2010 [PDF]

Summer Sheaf 2010 [PDF]

Fall_Sheaf / Annual Report 2009 [PDF]

Summer 2009 [PDF]


Spring 2009 [PDF]

Fall Sheaf / Annual Report 2008 [PDF]

Summer 2008 [PDF]