C226 - Worship and Sacraments

C226 Worship and Sacraments (Maldari)
A historical, anthropological and theological investigation of Christian worship and sacrament with special attention to the Roman Catholic Sacraments of baptism and eucharist.  Examination of liturgical practices, texts, and theology from scriptural origins to the Vatican II reforms. Focus is on basic principles of liturgical and sacramental theology which provide the pastoral minister with the basis for interpreting liturgical documents and ritual texts. Contemporary concerns for ministry will be explored.

To be held at LeMoyne College, Syracuse
Wednesdays, January 21 - April 29; 5:30 - 8:30 PM

Please note: C226 will be a joint class with LeMoyne College.  Therefore, the scheduled sessions will follow the LeMoyne College calendar: Class begins 1/21; no class on 3/11; class will be held 4/1

Request syllabus (syllabus reflects general requirements; there are additional readings and assignments for those taking course for graduate credit)