C217 - Moral and Social Teachings

C217 Moral and Social Teachings (Berkman and Marcelli) Hybrid Format
Introduction to the fields of moral theology and Catholic Social Thought: their purpose in the life of the Church; their methods and their problems. The content of the course is a thorough treatment of the foundations, principles, and methods of moral theology, rather than an analysis of moral specific issues, though specific cases will be used for the purpose of illustration and application to practical situations. Among the topics to be addressed: sin and conversion, moral growth and development, sources of moral wisdom, methods of moral decision making, conscience and discernment, and the development of Catholic Social Thought.

Face-to-Face sessions: Tuesdays 6:00 – 10:00 pm; August 30, October 25, and December 6, 2016. Online coursework throughout semester.

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